The Most Expensive Limousines in the World

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We choose a finest collection of The Most Expensive Limousines in the World. The limousine is the pinnacle of all luxury cars. It allows for the passenger to sit back and enjoy the ride while being entertained by some of the finest features to ever be put into a vehicle. When a limo drives by or pulls over to a curb, everyone looking on knows that the person or persons riding in those back seats are rolling in cash.

Limousines can be very pricey investments. They will typically range anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000. However, some people do not feel that the everyday limo is enough to satisfy their needs. Some would prefer something ever more luxurious and are willing to spend a much bigger wad of cash in order to obtain it.

All the limos on this list cost at least $1 million to purchase. They are not your everyday limousines. These are highly customized or absolute top-of-the-line models. If they are not one of a kind they are one of just a very limited amount.


10. Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo: Value UnknownThe Most Expensive Limousines in the World the most expensive limousines in the world The Most Expensive Limousines in the World 10 of the Most Expensive Limousines in the World lamborghini aventador stretch limoIn 2013, the limousine company Cars for Stars designed the concept for a Lamborghini Aventador stretch limo. The limo would be fitted with Lamborghini’s 6.5 liter V12 engine which pushes up to 700 horsepower. Aside from the looks and power of a Lamborghini, the interior would be custom fitted with everything you would expect from a high-end limo. The rear is designed to fit up to seven people, features an L-shaped couch and has plasma TVs, Ipod hookups, and even a champagne bar.